International Journal of Conflict and Violence (IJCV)

The IJCV provides a forum for scientific exchange and public dissemination of up-to-date scientific knowledge on conflict and violence. The IJCV is independent, peer reviewed, open access, and included in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) as well as other relevant databases (e.g., SCOPUS, EBSCO, ProQuest, DNB).

The topics on which we concentrate—conflict and violence—have always been central to various disciplines. Consequently, the journal encompasses contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including criminology, economics, education, ethnology, history, political science, psychology, social anthropology, sociology, the study of religions, and urban studies.

Starting from 2017, the publication format of IJCV has been changed to reap the benefits of an online publication more fully. Thus, there are no more "issues" (as with a print journal), but instead each volume now has an open section and one or more guest-edited focus sections. The open section provides a platform for general contributions on conflict and violence. The planned topics for focus sections are announced in advance on this website and in calls for papers.

In the open section, accepted manuscripts are being published over the course of the year as soon as they are ready; in the focus sections, it is up to the respective guest editors whether articles are published simultaneously or also individually as soon as they are ready. All articles are identified by an article number and a DOI, and there will be article-wise pagination.

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Vol 13 (2019)

Table of Contents

Sarah Marsden

Open Section

Babatunde F. Obamamoye
Jean Pierre Misago
Suman Nath, Subhoprotim Roy Chowdhury
Tekin Köse, Cansu Oymak
Sebastian Kurtenbach, Abdul Rauf
Christian Taylor, Tanner Semmelrock, Alexandra McDermott