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Vol 8, No 1 (2014)



Guest editors of the focus section are Klaus Neumann (Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia) and Dan Anderson (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia).


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Table of Contents

Editorial: Letter from the Editors PDF ePUB
Andreas Zick, Steven F. Messner, Gary LaFree, Ekaterina Stepanova 3-3

Focus Section: Violence, Justice, and the Work of Memory

Introduction: Violence, Justice, and the Work of Memory PDF ePUB
Klaus Neumann, Dan Anderson 4-15
Personhood, Violence, and the Moral Work of Memory in Contemporary Rwanda PDF ePUB
Laura Eramian 16-29
“The Country that Doesn’t Want to Heal Itself”: The Burden of History, Affect and Women’s Memories in Post-Dictatorial Argentina PDF ePUB
Jill Stockwell 30-44
Rewriting the World: Gendered Violence, the Political Imagination and Memoirs from the “Years of Lead” in Morocco PDF ePUB
Laura Menin 45-60
From a Duty to Remember to an Obligation to Memory? Memory as Reparation in the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights PDF ePUB
Maria Chiara Campisi 61-74
Elusive Justice, Changing Memories and the Recent Past of Dictatorship and Violence in Uruguay: An Analysis of the 2012 Public Act in the Gelman Case PDF ePUB
Francesca Lessa 75-90
“What Will You Do with Our Stories?” Truth and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands PDF ePUB
Louise Vella 91-103
Constructing Meaning from Disappearance: Local Memorialisation of the Missing in Nepal PDF ePUB
Simon Robins 104-118

Open Section

Postwar Violence in Guatemala: A Mirror of the Relationship between Youth and Adult Society PDF ePUB
Sabine Kurtenbach 119-133
Youth Involvement in Politically Motivated Violence: Why Do Social Integration, Perceived Legitimacy, and Perceived Discrimination Matter? PDF ePUB
Maarten S. O. De Waele, Lieven Pauwels 134-153
Discourse and Practice of Violence in the Italian Extreme Right: Frames, Symbols, and Identity-Building in CasaPound Italia PDF ePUB
Pietro Castelli Gattinara, Caterina Froio 154-170
Beliefs About the Strauss-Kahn Case in France and Germany: Political Orientation and Sexual Aggression Myths as Local Versus Global Predictors PDF ePUB
Selina Helmke, Pia-Renée Kobusch, Jonas Rees, Thierry Meyer, Gerd Bohner 171-186


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