Guest editors of the focus section are Wilhelm Heitmeyer and Steven F. Messner.
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Table of Contents

Editorial: Letter from the Editors PDF ePUB
Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Douglas S. Massey, Steven F. Messner, James Sidanius, Michel Wieviorka 236

Focus Section: Youth and Violence

Editorial Remarks: Youth at Risk PDF ePUB
Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Steven F. Messner 237-239
Formations of Violence in Post-Dictatorial Contexts: Logics of Confrontation between the Police and the Young Urban Poor in Contemporary Argentina PDF ePUB
Alejandro Isla, Daniel Pedro Míguez 240-260
The Central American Fear of Youth PDF ePUB
Anika Oettler 261-276
“The Boys Are Coming to Town”: Youth, Armed Conflict and Urban Violence in Developing Countries PDF ePUB
Josjah Betina Kunkeler, Krijn Peters 277-291
Governance, Security and Culture: Assessing Africa’s Youth Bulge PDF ePUB
Marc Sommers 292-303
Eastern European Transformation and Youth Attitudes toward Violence PDF ePUB
Eva Maria Groß, Berit Haußmann 304-324
Intergroup Conflict and the Media: An Experimental Study of Greek Students after the 2008 Riots PDF ePUB
David Hugh-Jones, Alexia Katsanidou, Gerhard Riener 325-344

Open Section

The Eye of the Beholder: Violence as a Social Process PDF ePUB
Teresa Koloma Beck 345-356
Women Without Arms: Gendered Fighter Constructions in Eritrea and Southern Sudan PDF ePUB
Annette Weber 357-370
Spousal Violence against Women in the Context of Marital Inequality: Perspectives of Pakistani Religious Leaders PDF ePUB
Rubeena Zakar, Muhammad Zakria Zakar, Alexander Krämer 371-384


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