Is a General Theory of Violence Possible?

Guest Editors of the Focus Section are Manuel Eisner and Susanne Karstedt

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Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Douglas S. Massey, Steven F. Messner, James Sidanius, Michel Wieviorka 3-3

Focus Section

Introduction: Is a General Theory of Violence Possible? PDF
Susanne Karstedt, Manuel Eisner 4-8
Micro and Macro Causes of Violence PDF
Randall Collins 9-22
Violence, Crime, and Violent Crime PDF
Richard B. Felson 23-39
The Uses of Violence: An Examination of Some Cross-Cutting Issues PDF
Manuel Eisner 40-59
Is a General Theory of Socially Disapproved Violence Possible (or Necessary)? PDF
Charles Tittle 60-74
Violence as Situational Action PDF
Per-Olof H. Wikström, Kyle H. Treiber 75-96
Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks for Organised Violence PDF
Martin Shaw 97-106

Open Section

Understanding the Other’s “Understanding” of Violence: Legitimacy, Recognition, and the Challenge of Dealing with the Past in Divided Societies PDF
Marcel M. Baumann 107-123
Motive Structures and Violence among Young Globalization Critics: A Statistical Typology of the Motives for Protest at the 2007 G8 Summit PDF
Renate Möller, Uwe Sander, Arne Schäfer, Dirk Villányi, Matthias D. Witte 124-142


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